Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen is a true story about the author’s life on the streets and how it completely changed after he befriended a stray cat which he named Bob. James thought a pet was the last thing he needed as a homeless recovering heroin addict however he loved cats and wanted to help the injured stray. The cat then began following him everywhere. The book explains their loyalty and friendship and tells the reader of their adventures together. James Bowen intends to show the audience the reality of life on the streets, the importance of friendship and how finding Bob transformed both of their lives. He shows the reader that most people can pass a man in the street without giving him a second glance but as they pass a man with a cat in the street they will suddenly show much more interest and attention. He also uses the book as an opportunity to thank the people who helped him to get where he is now.
This is a feel good and inspirational story, and is written by the man who experienced it all first hand. The explanations of James’ and Bob’s adventures are unimaginable so you have to keep reminding yourself that it all really happened. The cat is so intelligent and loyal and if anyone doesn’t believe that it is a true story they can search Bob on YouTube.
People of all ages and walks of life would enjoy this book, but especially animal lovers.
Review written by Catherine Porter, Year 10.

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