Wednesday, 2 December 2015

When Angie Sage Visited Charters School

Report by Kaie Ames, Year 7

On Thursday 22 October, Angie Sage visited Charters where she met Year 7 and 8 students who asked lots of questions and had their books signed.

Angie said that there might be a movie based on Magyk - Warner Brothers, the film company, has an option to buy the books to make a movie and they're currently developing some ideas but it hasn't got the green light yet. Angie also said she might look to do a few spin-off Septimus Heap books - maybe one set 10 years after the book ends.

Angie was really inspiring and for anyone who wants to write a book she says, "Let your characters tell you what's important to them... I love hearing from my readers and you can connect with me on Keep writing and enjoy the books!"

Report by Alexandra Dunnet, Year 7

I was lucky enough to meet the author of the Septimus Heap series and the Pathfinder series. Me and my best friend Grace were chosen by Mr Hartwell to give Angie a tour of the school. She was extremely kind and it was nice to show her around the school as we had when we came (plus it was exciting to be in the presence of a best-selling author!!).

During break I got my copy of ‘Magyk’ signed and my Pathfinder book-mark signed!! Overall it was an absolutely amazing day!!

I want to thank Mr Hartwell for getting Angie Sage in and it was a brilliant day!!

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