Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Charters School Year of Reading - Logo Reveal

Just before school broke up for Christmas we launched a competition, asking pupils in Key Stage 3 to design a logo that we could use thoughout the year. We had a huge number of entries, and it took us some time to decide on a winner and two runners-up.

The winning designs were produced by Esta Shrewsbury in Year 8:

Winner: Esta Shrewsbury, Year 8.

We loved Esta's imaginative ideas, and were wowed by the quality of her drawing skills. However, we needed to simplify the ideas a little and so they were scanned in, and elements of each of them combined to form this final design:

Final Year of Reading logo (based on designs by Esta Shrewsbury, Year 8).

Mention has to go to Naomi Edwards in Year 8 for her wonderful 3D "Explore The World of Books" design which was given second place, and Jack Prince, also in Year 8, for his simple but effective "A world of words at your fingertips" design.

Second place: Naomi Edwards, Year 8.

Third place: Jack Prince, Year 8.

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