Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chemical Elements Poetry Anthology - Simon Mayo Visit

Last term we were very fortunate to host writer and Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo, who came to the school to talk to the Year 7s about his book Itch. In preparation for the visit a group of sixteen Year 7 pupils spent some time taking part in a science and an English workshop.

In the first workshop the pupils were introduced to the periodic table and shown experiments with a number of different elements. They then completed their own experiments, discussed the reactions taking place and recorded their results.

A week later the group took part in a second workshop where they recapped the experiments and thought about how to describe the elements and the reactions that took place by using interesting comparisons. Following this they each wrote a poem about one of the elements from the periodic table. These were bound together as an anthology and presented to Simon when he visited. We thought you might like to read them as well.

You can download it by clicking here, or read it below. We hope you enjoy reading our work.

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